Monarchs Lacrosse Club has Landed in Santa Barbara!

Exciting News!

Have you heard? There’s a new lacrosse club in Santa Barbara. Here is more information on the club and how it differs from other programs that SBGLA currently offers.

What is a Recreational League?
A recreation league is seasonal and only plays during a short period of the year (in our case, Spring). The objective of the SBGLA Spring League is to introduce girl’s lacrosse to the Santa Barbara community. Our goal is to provide a fun and supportive, after-school playing opportunity for girls of all playing levels and ages. Teams within the league play each other and the focus is on skills-building and learning the sport. Costs are kept low to include as many families as possible and we strive to provide a variety of practice locations and age groups. We want as many girls playing lacrosse in Santa Barbara county as can get! We WILL have a Spring League in 2019 and information will be published and sent out to all SBGLA families in December.

What is a Club Team?
A club team is different from a recreational league in that the club team plays most of the year together as one cohesive team. The club plays other girls in their age group in a variety of tournaments and there is a considerable commitment expectation both in terms of time (practices, travel, etc.) and money (for coaches, equipment, tournaments, travel expenses, time away from work, etc.). This commitment really extends to the entire family and not just the player. A club team allows individual players to advance their skill set substantially and really learn how to play as one competitive team.

How is SBGLA connected to this new club?
Samantha Limkeman is the girl’s lacrosse coach for Dos Pueblos High School. She had always thought about starting a youth lacrosse club, and in discussions with the SBGLA board, we all agreed that it made sense to do it together. SBGLA is sponsoring and supporting Samantha’s lacrosse club by providing administrative assistance (for things such as team registration, use of TeamSnap, financial/banking, etc.). Basically, Coach Sam runs the day-to-day operations and coaching of the club, and SBGLA supports her in any way it can. We championed this venture because we really wanted to see a new playing opportunity in our community for girls who are ready for the next lacrosse challenge.

What are the details of this lacrosse club?
The Monarch Lacrosse Club currently has 12U and 14U teams for girls ages 9-14. Because this is a new endeavor for most involved, we are starting things slow while we figure out how everything works. The SBGLA Board of Directors met last month and officially voted on the adoption of a lacrosse club. We started the club teams with families of girls with prior playing experience and who had expressed an interest in wanting a “next step” for their daughters. Each team will have roughly 18-20 players who practice together 1-2 times per week with Coach Sam and assistant coach, Jessica Gastelum. We expect that the two teams will begin playing in tournaments in 2019.

Want more information?
The Monarch Lacrosse Club is currently open to girls ages 9-14 who have played at least one full year of lacrosse. Contact us for information on tryouts.


All of us at SBGLA are incredibly excited to partner with Coach Sam on the Monarch Lacrosse Club. We will be sending out regular updates on the club to all our SBGLA families and we hope you’ll come out and support The Monarchs at local tournaments.