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New to Lacrosse?

SBGLA welcomes you to the sport of lacrosse, the oldest sport native to North America, dating back centuries with Native Americans playing various forms of the sport. Lacrosse is a fast-paced, exciting sport that has benefited from rapid growth in recent years, especially in the state of California.

Below are some resources we hope you find useful as you learn lacrosse.


US Lacrosse Girls Rules and Parent Handbook

Key Differences Between Girls and Boys Lacrosse

Girls Rule

Boys Rule



Aggressive stick checking and body contact are illegal Aggressive stick checking and body contact are legal



Goggles and mouth guards are required for all players Helmet, mouth guard, arm pads, shoulder pads and heavy gloves are required for all players Because contact to the head or body is illegal in the girls game, and major head injuries have not been an issue, hard helmets have not been required or deemed necessary.

Stick Length

Length of stick is similar for all field players- between 35.5 and 43.25 inches Length of stick is different based on position


Shallow pocket Deeper pocket Shallow pocket rule encourages cradling to control the ball against limited checking.  The deeper pocket in boys lacrosse requires more aggressive checking and contact in order to dislodge the ball.

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