Financial Aid

Need Some Help?

Please complete the application (PDF) and mail it to the address on the form. Financial aid applications for a program are due the same date as the listed early bird deadline for the specific program of interest.  For example, if an early bird deadline is February 15th then all financial aid applications must be postmarked by February 15th.

Possible Aid Levels:

  • 100% Fee Waiver.
  • 50% Fee Waiver.
  • Equipment (Stick & Goggle).
  • Jersey.

Financial Aid Guidelines

We would like every girl who would like to play lacrosse to be able to play. Our application process and guidelines help make sure it's fair for everyone. This process includes deadlines for applications to be received and a financial aid eligibility scale. Households whose income are at or below the levels shown below are eligible for financial aid. Varying aid levels may include SBGLA program fee waivers and/or equipment.
Two items not covered in any aid award are a personal mouth guard and a youth membership with U.S. Lacrosse. These are family responsibilities. U.S. Lacrosse is the national governing body for the sport. Membership includes additional insurance coverage and a monthly copy of Lacrosse Magazine. The player's youth membership number is verified during SBGLA program registration.

Required Documents

  1. Financial aid application
  2. Proof of income. One of the following will be accepted, this must include all person(s) living in the the household who receive income:  Most recent W2 -or- one months worth of all most recent pay stubs -or- 2017 income tax return -or- Calfresh / Medical benefit letter (active during program dates).

Submit By U.S. Mail

Mail to the address on the form and include all documents.

Submit By E-Mail

Scan all documents or PDF them and send to

Financial Aid Eligibility Scale

Household Size Annual Income Month Income Twice Per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
1 $22,311 $1,860 $930 $859 $430
2 $30,044 $2,504 $1,252 $1,156 $578
3 $37,777 $3,149 $1,575 $1,453 $727
4 $45,510 $3,793 $1,897 $1,751 $876
5 $53,243 $4,437 $2,219 $2,048 $1,024
6 $60,976 $5,082 $2,541 $2,346 $1,173
7 $68,709 $5,726 $2,863 $2,643 $1,322
8 $76,442 $6,371 $3,186 $2,941 $1,471
Each Additional Add $7,733 $645 $323 $298 $149