2018 Potluck Awards and Raffle Picnic Was So Much Fun!


Our picnic on June 3, 2018, Noon-3pm, at Lower Manning Park was such a delightful moment for SBGLA.  With nearly 200 in attendance we are so excited to see our community come together.  Thank you to all of our families!

We want to take a moment to thank our awesome players for a fantastic 2018 Spring League Season. We had 144 players across 4 age divisions this year! Watching you all grow into the game individually and then with each other as a team has been so rewarding! This year we started a new awards program where we recognize players on each team for Good Sportsmanship (for treating teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials with respect) and Most Improved (for consistently working hard and improving your overall skills the most). Our coaches were so impressed with all of you and it was challenging to make these decisions.

For 2018 our players who most stood out during this season are:


~ Story E (Washington 8U)
~ Abbe D (Roosevelt 8U)
~ Angela M (Peabody 8U)
~ Phoebe P (Foothill 8U)
~ Anwen M (Montecito 8U)
~ Clara W (Montecito 10U)
~ Tessa S (Foothill (10U)
~ Gracie B (Ellwood 10U)
~ Cate L (Washington 10U)
~ Ailey A (Peabody 10U)
~ Paia L (Roosevelt 10U)
~ Clara S (Washington 12U)
~ Olivia B (Roosevelt 12U)
~ Jaymi S (Peabody 12U)
~ Eloise S (Foothill 12U)
~ Sofia M (SB 14U)


~ Dylan D (Washington 8U)
~ Elle I (Roosevelt 8U)
~ Victoria O (Peabody 8U)
~ Riley Z (Foothill 8U)
~ Maddy I (Montecito 8U)
~ Ciel M (Montecito 10U)
~ Sophie O (Foothill 10U)
~ Myla D (Ellwood 10U)
~ Erin M (Washington 10U)
~ Aeryn A (Peabody 10U)
~ Scarlett F (Roosevelt 10U)
~ Chloe W (Washington 12U)
~ Analisa Q (Roosevelt 12U)
~ Sophia R (Peabody 12U)
~ Molly M (Foothill 12U)
~ Marisol M (SB 14U)

Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊 to all of our awards recipients and thank you to all of you for being part of SBGLA!

We would also like to thank our 2018 Raffle Sponsors for their generous donations!

~ Coach Paul and SB Lacrosse Camp
~ StringKing
~ Sonos
~ The Buttimer Family
~ Makes 3 Organics
~ Coach Catherine Pomposi
~ Condor Express
~ Whole Foods Santa Barbara
~ Ice in Paradise
~ Olio Crudo

Thank you to all of our families for buying raffle tickets and supporting SGGLA programming and scholarships!

Congratulations to the following winners!

~ Tyler S
~ Mike C
~ Alex D
~ Lauren H
~ Chloe W
~ Avalon N
~ Ava H
~ Mia R
~ Lisa D

All our winners have been contacted. Thank you again for being part of SBGLA!